About Us

Hi my name is Matt.  I am from New York.  I recently became addicted to drones/Uavs.  So here is a little back round on me.  I grew up on long island.  I am Happily married with 3 kids.  I spend most of my time working or going to the Poconos.  I work for Asplundh construction building and repairing the power lines.  Two years ago work slowed down alot for us.  Guys that i worked with were asked to travel and work far away from home.  That was my breaking point i new I couldn’t do that.  I also didn’t like my company having the upper hand.  It was the first time in my life i realized that no matter how much control I thought i had, they were in control.  So i started brain storming with different ideas.  It took some time but it finally came to me.  I love to build things and working on my house.  So i signed up to become a home inspector.  I passed all my state tests and qualifications and began my Journey.  Fast forward a little bit, I started realizing that drones can change the world.  Every job i do i could make some aspect of it easier with a drone.  This is what got me interested.  So i brought my first toy.  It was a lot of fun me and my kids used and abused it.  Since then I have been active in Facebook groups even starting my own.  I also have looked into different businesses with drones.  So to me its part fun part business. I plan on learning as much as I can and posting my journey and stories on this site.  I hope everyone enjoys.  If anyone has cool pictures please submit them i will post them.  Originally once they were submitted they would be posted. That had to stop because of all the span going on.  So enjoy