So I began my journey into the drone industry a few months ago. Its been a pretty wild ride so far.  I began just messing around with the concept of adding aerial inspections to my home inspection business  Mjm Ultimate Home inspection. I started joining facebook groups and learning all I can about the industry.   Its crazy theres so much red tape the answers you get just create more questions.  One of the first things I did was apply for FAA exemption 333.  Applying was easy but knowing exatly what it means is another question.  Some people say you need it others say you don’t.   So I figured I would be on the safe side.  I then went on to create my own Internet pressence.  I started this DRONE PICS as basically my drone diary.  I also started a facebook group Worldwide Aerial Images to help get answers and feedback on my ideas.  My plans and ideas have changed so much over the last few months and all I can say is im very excited.  From real estate photos, roof inspections, powerline inspections, to cell site inspections I plan on doing it all. I have a few partners who are just as excited as me.  We created a corporation  Advanced Aerial Solutions inc and brought multiple websites to be developed.   AAS is going to be great.  I also began the process of looking into different insurance options both commercially and recreationally.  I began a member of AMA.  So far the process has been alot of fun.  Im pretty sure once the jobs start coming in the excitement will fade.  But at the end of the day im very happy with the choices ive made. Our next step is developing website and finalizing all of our insurance and licensing.  Were pushing for May launch.  So everyone stay tuned. If anyone had any questions or business inquiries contact me at